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I am the author & artist of several comics. But Starfire Agency and Nightshift are the more popular. I have other comics that are mine and there are those that I have collaborated with. I have them listed in the COMICS section, if you wish to head over there, to find out more about them. And if you want to find out more about me and the projects I am working on. Check out the ABOUT section.




  • NS 6 Blood Brothers 6%



  • HELLKATS 2 100%



About Me

Aerokat, Poecat or just Cindy.... Or you could call me the cat lady.... I got a lot of cats. Seriously, in the future, I will be the crazy cat lady that rambles on nonsense and takes in strays.

blaxkMy name is Cindy Ramey, you can call me Aerokat or Poecat… I will answer to any of those names. I have been drawing all my life it seems. I started drawing some weird like punk rocker cats, that seems to be a mix between Jem and the Holograms and Top Cat.

The next thing I remember drawing a whole lot was “TMNT” back in the 80’s. I drew the heck out of “TMNT”. LOL… I even made up a whole alternate turtle verse with girl turtles.  I drew “TMNT” fan art up till around 6th and 7th grade. I had seen an episode of “Dog City: and wanted to make my own world of Cat Cops. And that is where the “Nightshift” (CK Agencts) came from.  I drew little 12 page comics of the CK Agent crew a couple times. I do have those comics still around here somewhere.

There was another comic that I drew a lot of… but its in the box and I’ve not looked at it for a long time. It’s called “The Black Tailed Terror”. Can you guess where this character came from? If you said “Darkwing Duck” The you got it. LOL

I didn’t come up with “Starfire Agency” until around 2004.  And “Hellkats” in 2012. I have many other stories and short comics laying around. I would love to show them to you all. But until I can work on comic art full time. They shall stay in the box. :3


Feel Free to contact me! :3


When did you start drawing comics?

I started drawing like quick comic short comics when I was in grade school. But I never really started putting all the little short comics into an actual story until I had graduated college

Can you teach me how to draw?

I can’t actually teach you, I don’t feel that I am a very good teacher. But I do say that you need to draw everyday and study what you are drawing. You should either purchase a human anatomy book, or go online (since the web has everything right?) and look up some basic human anatomy images. You don’t want to go this boring route? Then I suggest that you look up some Marvel or DC superhero comics online or purchase at your local comic shop and study the poses. This is how I started learning myself.

What is the process you use when drawing comics?

In the past, I would draw my comic pages and make up the story as I went along. THIS becomes a hard thing to do after awhile.  So for a while now I have been going by a script for each comic. It makes things so much easier.  After the script is final. I will draw out thumbnails of each page. Then I will draw the thumbnails into comic pages.

Can I email you my idea for a comic?

No. Please do not.  Emails with stories and ideas will be deleted without being read.  While I do encourage creativity, I do not want to be put into a position where I am accused of stealing… because I may have a similar idea that hasn’t yet happened in my comics.

Can you draw my comic if I pay you?

Right now, No… My plate is full at the moment. Besides that, there are certain things I look for when being proposed comic work. But if you would like to commission a few pages for yourself, just email me.

When will you have new comics out?

As soon as I can. I am usually working by myself on my own comics. Though I have an awesome buddy that has started coloring when she can. [/bra_toggle]

Can I help you?

Right now, I can’t pay much to people for their services. And I don’t feel right accepting your services for free. There are certain things I look for when finding people to work with.  BUT, there is a way you can help me. You can help support the comics with donations and Patreon!

Why do you draw a lot of cats?!

I LOVE cats…. I thought everyone knew that >_>





I have a SLEW of comic stories in my head and I want to tell them all! I really need something to attach from my brain and to the computer and download all the files..... or clone myself. >_>





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Last website change… For awhile….cause I have finally found the WP-theme that I really like. And I promise not to change it for a long time. LOL. I know I like change it once a year…. or even less then that >_>  But yeah, this one is easy change stuff and images.   I have […]

Art Gallery

I have art galleries located online... up in the right hand top corner of the site are links to DeviantArt, Furaffinity and Weasyl! But here you might see older art not posted on the other sites.


The Digital Batch! There is so much art in here… and there is more that I do need to add. Anyways, these pieces were created in either Photoshop or Manga Studio.


The Artwork here has all been created with Bristol paper,  Copic Markers and some Prismacolor pencils. I need to break out my Copics and add more art to this gallery. 


All the lovely sketches that I rarely post on other online galleries. I do a lot drawings that never get finished. This isn’t even a a quarter of the sketches laying around here.


CRUX… was a comic that I put together in college, for a graphic design class. I spent the whole semester coming up with the plot, characters and finally making to actual comic.


Before the comic was titled Nightshift… it was called CK Agents. The CK stood for Carter Kenrick, who was suppose to be the leader of these agents. These pages are from 1993.



Prices have changed, please make sure you read carefully!



• Furries, humans, feral, dragons, monsters, digi-grade feral, aliens and other species.
• Blood and violence to a point.

• Extreme fetishes, cub, hyper characters (-muscles, extreme fat, genitals, etc.), vomit, tickle feet/paw… etc.
• Characters not copyrighted to the commissioner without their owner’s consent.
• I WILL NOT draw my characters in “out of character” situations. If you want your character with mine in an image, I will only draw them if they fit in the world. (IE, Nightshift characters are all Felines…. I will not draw a pic with your dog character hanging with Cage, cause it isn’t IC. BUT, if you want your dog character hanging with Victor from Starfire Agency… why that makes perfect sense.) I hope this doesn’t scare you…. just ask if you have a question about this, I won’t bite your head off
• I accept paypal through poecatcomix[at] I also accept money orders, Western Union or well concealed American currency.
• FULL Payment must be provided before I begin work on your commission.
• If your commission is canceled for whatever reason, you will receive a refund based on rules in the CANCELING section below.
• I reserve the right to cancel your commission at any time. If I decide to cancel your commission, you will receive a full refund.
• If you decide to cancel your commission, you will only receive a full refund if it has yet to be started. Otherwise, you will receive a refund, minus the cost of the work that has already been done.
• You MAY repost your commission as long as proper credit is given.
• You MAY NOT commission characters you do not own without the original owner’s consent.
• You MAY NOT create copies, prints, or other merchindise with the intent to sell or for profit.
• I own all copyrights of the commission. I also reserve the right to copy, reproduce, and reuse the image for self-promotion and sales.
• Currently it takes one month to eight weeks from start to finish. I will do my best to finsh sketches at least one week after payment is received
• I also have the right to turn down any subject matter or commission without a reason. My reason and choice is my own and it is not up for debate.
• I will ask if you’d like changes during each step of the commission (sketch and colors) until it is finished.
• I will do no more than 2 changes on the sketch… 1 change on the colors… • No changes at all to the inks after they are complete.

• DO NOT try to get me to lower my prices. If you hassle me or haggle me or complain that the price is to high, then move along. I will not lower my prices.
• DO NOT haggle me about why I will not draw you porn. I will not answer notes or email from you and you will be ignored.
• DO NOT expect me to be your best buddy after a commission. I do not have a problem with speaking to my commissioners…I enjoy email and talking. But please do not ask for my IM or phone number.
• DO NOT ask me daily for updates on your commission. If a couple weeks to a month passes, then please do feel free to email, note and ask. :3