About Me

My name is Cindy Ramey, you can call me Aerokat or Poecat… I will answer to any of those names. I have been drawing all my life it seems. I started drawing some weird like punk rocker cats, that seemed to be a mix between Jem and the Holograms and Top Cat or the Catillac Cats.

The next thing I remember drawing a whole lot was “TMNT” back in the 80’s. I drew the heck out of “TMNT”. LOL… I even made up a whole alternate turtle verse with girl turtles. I drew “TMNT” fan art up till around 6th and 7th grade. I had seen shows like Dog City and Fish Police and wanted to make my own world of Cat Cops. And that is where the “Nightshift” (CK Agents) came from. I drew little 12 page comics of the CK Agent crew a couple times. Cartoon Shows like SWAT Kats and Darkwing Duck kept the inspiration going.

I didn’t come up with “Starfire Agency” until around 2004. And “Hellkats” in 2012. I have many other stories and short comics laying around. I would love to show them to you all. But, well,  time I believe is against me.


When did you start drawing comics?

I started drawing quick short comics when I was in grade school. But I never really started putting all the little short comics into an actual story until I had graduated college.

Can you teach me how to draw?

I can’t actually teach you, I don’t feel that I am a very good teacher. But I do say that you need to draw everyday and study what you are drawing. You should either purchase a human anatomy book, or go online (since the web has everything right?) and look up some basic human anatomy images. You don’t want to go this boring route? Then I suggest that you look up some Marvel or DC superhero comics online or purchase at your local comic shop and study the poses. This is how I started learning myself.

What is the process you use when drawing comics?

In the past, I would draw my comic pages and make up the story as I went along. THIS becomes a hard thing to do after awhile. So, I trained myself to write up a script for each comic before I even start drawing the first page.. It makes things so much easier. After the script is final. I will draw out thumbnails of each page. Then I will draw the thumbnails into comic pages.

Can I email you my idea for a comic?

No! Please do not. Emails with stories and ideas will be deleted without being read. While I do encourage creativity, I do not want to be put into a position where I am accused of stealing… because I may have a similar idea that hasn’t yet happened in my comics.

Can you draw my comic if I pay you?

Right now, No… My plate is full at the moment. Besides that, there are certain things I look for when being proposed comic work.

When will you have new comics out?

As soon as I can. I am usually working by myself on my own comics. Though I have an awesome buddy that has started coloring when she can.

Can I help you?

Right now, I can’t pay much to people for their services. And I don’t feel right accepting your services for free. There are certain things I look for when finding people to work with. BUT, there is a way you can help me. You can help support the comics with reading and Patreon!

Why do you draw a lot of cats?!

I LOVE cats…. I thought everyone knew that >_>