Students from Gemini University have a group called the Starfire Agency. In which the students involve themselves in investigations of the supernatural kind. They hunt vampires, aliens, ghosts and whatever else that warrants their attention.

Rating: PG13 (Contains: some violence.)


In a world of felines, corruption, injustice, murder and crime runs rampant. The safety of the city falls into the hands of the NYPD Special Agents that work the nightshift. More than just your plain ole cat-burglars cause them problems.

Rating: 15+ (Contains: Coarse language, Mature themes and Violence)


Vicco City. It seems to be the perfect place for the Hellkats to gather the souls of the damned. The story focus’ on a daemonees and a nephilim that basically hate each other. Both work for the benevolent angel of death, Suriel.

Rating: Mature (Contains: Coarse language, Mature themes and Violence)


Nox Prophecy follows the journey of David and Harley in a post-apocalyptic world as the pair try to make it to where there’s rumored to be a city with water, electricity and normalcy. Well as normal as can be… as they travel, the two learn more about each other and themselves as well as the destiny they are to fulfill in this world of chaos. (Collaborated work by Poecatcomix and Class A Felony)

Rating: 18+ (Contains: Coarse language, Mature themes and Violence)


20 Years Later….A new hope rises… where new kats have arrived to pick up from where the fallen heroes left off. Mayor Callie Briggs and Enforcer Commander Felina Feral are secretly gathering a new group of heroes, The SWATKats: Nova Squadron. (Collaborated fanwork based SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron – Poecatcomix and Class A Felony)

Rating: PG13 (Contains: Violence)