Welcome to Vicco City…. the slum of the earth. Where the corrupt have begun to run over. The corrupt… who is more corrupt? Them? Or me?

By Cindy Ramey

Vicco City. It seems to be the perfect place for the Hellkats to gather the souls of the damned. The story focus’ on a daemonees and a nephilim that basically hate each other. Both work for the benevolent angel of death, Suriel.

(Contains: Coarse language, Mature themes and Violence)

Issue 1

An introduction into the world of Hellkats. Draven likes to work alone, but is always interrupted by Teivel. Their job is to collect souls for hell. 

Issue 2

Teivel is sent to track down the souls of the Well's Twins. While Draven is sent to find the doppelgänger of a past foe, Rafe. Suriel is placing his pieces.

Issue 3

Suriel is scheming and deceiving his father and brother. Rafe and his family flee for safety from the doppelgänger, only to be attacked by the Twins.

Issue 4

The Twins have succeeded in their plans to gain more power. Suriel has also succeeded. While Draven and Teivel have no clue what's going on.

Issue 5

Time passes. Portals are seeping souls out into Vicco City. Teivel receives a bundle of joy and Draven helps him raise that joy, until it turns on them.


    A list of the characters you will see in the HELLKATS comic!


    Draven is a nephilim who gathers souls for hell, in turn for personal power. While he appears to be fierce and demonic with his solid black eyes, he's not. He's quiet and collected. He fights when he must and he only collects the souls from the wicked. Draven's mother was a mortal and he has no clue as to who his father was. Although he knows that he was a Fallen.


    Teivel is a cocky, rude, daemonees and loves to torment Draven. He sees him as a weaker creature. Teivel is also a soul collector for hell. He too gains power in the amount of hellfire and dexterity. His life is full parties, liquor and many partners. This lifestyle has managed to continue, thanks to his mother, who pays for everything. He's a spoiled daemonees.


    A daemonees that has melded in well with mortals, thanks to the way she was brought up. Syndel is part of the mortal task force that is against eliminating supernatural creatures in Vicco City. Most of her kind are evil natured and she does indeed have her moments, but she is mostly fighting for good and balance in the world. Along with her new friends Draven and Teivel.


    Suriel is the seventh son of Lucifer. He is powerful, but he has been punished for pursuing the destruction of the barriers between the infernal lands, the mortal plane and the celestial city. His powers had been locked away for some time. Until he was able to secretly release himself from his bond chains. Suriel has finally found a why into the mortal plane again.

    SURIEL (female)

    Suriel is also seen in the form of a beautiful white female. She enjoys her new form and stays in it, rarely turning back to his original. She used this form to have a child. Her bringer of destruction, the one who with cleanse the world of all the ferals that inhabit it.


    Rafe and the Doppelgänger of his evil self. Originally Rafe was a low down scumbag that was dating Draven's mother. One night when he was left alone with Draven and threatened the nephilum boy, Draven used his powers to make him see his own evil soul. Which literally scared the hell out of him. The evil formed Rafe which resided in hell, was then resurrected by the twins.


    The Wells Twins are a strange pair indeed. They were born from a white witch family. One that practiced healing magic. But they had different plans. They wanted power. So they went against their parents and the white coven. Choosing the side of darkness to gain all the power they could want. To achieve this. They needed to perform a spell to bring back a doppelgänger and a demon.


    The seventh son of the seventh son. Erebus is a giant. He was born from the union of Suriel and Teviel. He's all demon, fallen angel with a sliver of mortal in him. His goal is to cleanse and purify the mortal realm for his mother. Which includes destroying Teivel and Draven, the two men that helped raise him. But someone else shows up and disrupts his plans. One more body to add to the list.


    Mictain is the son of Apollum. Born in hell, but was banished to the mortal realm with his father. Mictain powers remained. He trained and learned many types of hellfire magic. His full demon mother, Cinder, made sure to teach him all that she could, before her fire burned out. Mictain was told that he would have to be prepared to battle Erebus someday.