No team is complete without someone in charge. The Chief or Cap is what they call him most of the time. Captain Don Whitten has been around the NYPD for a long time. He started out as a Rookie and after a few years he became the Captain of the Special Agents of the NYPD.

Born and raised in Hells Kitchen, Carter knows all about the tricks and trades of the Mafia world. His Grandfather was once involved in the Mafia. Carter keeps his grandfather in good ties, so that he knows what is going down in the Mafia world.

Jazz was involved in gangs as a young teen. But after a fatal accident involving her brother, she turned her life around and decided to do something more for her future. She found herself going to the police academy and joining the NYPD Nightshift.

Casey is an all around good guy. He’s been an officer for 7 years and loves his job. With Casey’s background in dealing with juveniles, he is always the first on call when young people are in danger. He is usually the one involved with Say No to Drugs and other awareness programs.

Roxy has been a member of the NYPD for three years now. You would never guess by her personality that she had a rough childhood. Her mother was battered and murdered by her father. Her major goal in life is to find out more about her father and put him behind bars once and for all.

Jack Howard has been a member of the NYPD for 3 years. Before that he was a recruiter for the Police Academy. That is where he met Roxy, the love of his life. He’s a part time mechanic, owning his own garage where he repairs old motorcycles.

Cage has a pretty long history that causes him to end up living in New York City with his best friend Travis. He is a vampire who is trying to do good this decade and he feels the best way to do that is to be a cop for the NYPD.

Robin Lane is the youngest of the group and most of the time is referred to as “Cuffs”. She earned the nickname at the academy for being the cadet quickest at cuffing a perpetrator. What she’s more known for is her knowledge of computer system investigations.

Vessie is the lady you go to when checking in and out criminals from the jail cells. She is a strong willed lady that always speaks her mind. Whether you want to hear what is on her mind or not, she will set you straight.

She normally works on the dayshift but sometimes works the nightshift. The reason why? She knows Carter Kenrick has a thing for her and she enjoys pushing his buttons for fun. The teases she gives him may come off as mean, but she really likes the guy and wants to know him more.

Abby works in the basement of the NYPD. She is a Forensic Autopsy Technician. She is the go to gal when there is a murder or crime to solve. She grew up watching all those crime investigation shows, so her parents were pretty sure that was what she would do in the future.


Travis Tackett was a 16 year old mortal at one time, until he became friends with a guy named Cage Blunt. Travis eventually finds out Cage’s secret and begs to become a vampire himself. Eventually with a forceful guilt-trip, he gets his way and Cage turns him into a vampire.

Leela is a Senior at Johnson high school. She is on the shy side and very artistic. Leela was adopted by the Salyers as a baby and never knew her parents, but she has always wondered about them. She also has a huge crush on the boy named Travis that lives next door.

Peace can be described as a fun loving, mischievous girl. She often doesn’t think before she leaps and sometimes that gets her into trouble. At least she will own up to her mistakes. When she’s not trying to get inside Travis and Cage’s apartment, she is hanging out at the diner with Leela and friends from school.

Cronus is a college student at NYU that is majoring in law. His family lives just outside of the city, but he prefers to live on campus due to issues with his father, although his roommate is unbearable to live with as well. He befriends Cage, Travis and the girls as they are a great escape from the college stress.


Sally has been an associate of the Big Claw since she was 18. Claw had found her beaten up on a street corner. He took her to a trusted partner in China Town. They took care of her till she heals. Claw returned for her and asks for her aid in building his cat burglar army. And she agreed.

Carla was an orphan that ran away from her foster parents. The streets were her home for a little while until she met someone named Sally. Who took her to live with her and a few other run aways, to be trained to be the best cat burglars in the city, working under the Big Claw.

Panther wasn’t a runaway, but instead a kid that just wasn’t wanted anymore. His parents just left him to fend for himself and so he grew up on the streets of NYC. He joined the Big Claw’s gang the same time Carla joined. Panther normally isn’t a very friendly person. He keeps to himself and pushes people away.

Nick Price aka Crowe is a your we rounded bad boy. He was a runaway that lived with different groups of people most of his life. He finally ended up sticking with the Big Claw crew. The Big Claw doesn’t use Crowe for burglaries, but instead, Crowe is in charge of drug trafficking within the city.

Mad Cat Max has been on the run from the law since he was 17. He is wanted for murder and the kidnapping of a 7 year old girl. The 7 year old girl is now the 17 year old, Jessie Jean. Max had always been a little on the wild side, but he never murdered anyone, nor did he ever kidnap J.J.

You can’t have one without the other. Mad Cat Max and Patch, the two of them are practically inseparable. Jessie Jean often calls Max her big brother. Most of the time she calls him that out of habit now. They both claimed they were siblings to keep people from figuring out who they really were.

Sarah aka Hex, is the newest and youngest member of the Big Claw. Her and her father had been homeless for a couple years. They had been living in abandoned buildings. Sarah’s father had a run in with some nasty gang members and would up dead. When her father didn’t come home, she was on her own.

Chett aka Shroud is another young member of the Big Claw that has just begun his life of crime with his other runaway friends. He’s got to earn his keep to make sure the roof stays over his head and his belly gets fed. He’d do anything for to impress Panther. The guy that picked him up off the streets.