• Hey. The pages didn’t show because the website doesn’t do it automatically… and I often forget to manually do the update on the latest page :B

  • Hello, Aerokat.
    I’m a little worried about what could be causing you to forget to manually update the pages,
    especially the SWAT Kats: Nova Squadron. (No new pages on Issue 3 since October 8, 2019.)
    Would you please tell me what might be going on?

    • The reason I forget to update the recent updates pages. I have a million things going on in my life. I will someday figure out a way to have that page automatically load the new image. Just click on the arrow at the bottom of the comic to see the most recent page for now.

      I’m not forgetting to update the Nova Squadron comic. There are no new pages to upload as of yet. I am currently working on Nighftshift issue 8 and 9 fully.

  • I love Cage’s blep expression in panel 5 and Travis’ in panel 7, those could be sticker emojis for social medias like Facebook or Discord, or free floating icon/avatar style ones to use anywhere. I’d buy them.


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