• i remember first seeing the blood exchange as a kid in the forever knight show. up until then i always thought vampires turned you with their bite only, like a zombie. this brings back memories. i hope travis doesn’t regret this.Cage looks so cute there being concerned for travis

    • Ah! Another person that knows Forever Knight! That show was one of the influences for Cage. At one time, Cage used to be a mutant cop, with red eyes and powers… but then I saw Forever Knight. And so he shifted from mutant to vampire.

      • Sweet! I think I grew up just in time to enjoy some great tv and was allowed to watch a lot more stuff than i should have lol. If you haven’t seen it before, I recommend a vampire anime called Nightwalker: The Midnight Detective I remember finding it at blockbuster with a sticker on the cover saying it was like Forever Knight and Angel and city hunter (which is the only one of those i haven’t seen yet)


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