One hunts for vampires, another chases angels, the other befriends ghosts, and the last relates to aliens. In a world that wants to believe, they believe even harder. 

CREATED by Cindy Ramey

The government has special task forces dedicated to the capture, study, and protection from aliens, ghosts, vampires and all manner of things that go bump in the night.The Starfire Agency is not one of those groups. They are a bunch of regular every day normal enthusiastic people with expertise and experience studying and fighting the paranormal.

RATING 13   Suitable for readers of age 13 and up. Contents may contain moderate violence.

Issue 1

Alex arrives at the Starfire Agency. A paranormal club at Gemini University 

Issue 2

Michael shares his disgust of the Madoc clan to his protector, Victor.

Issue 3

Denver's long history of alien abduction is more serious than he ever imagined.

Issue 4

The gang travels back home and Alex gets a look into the world of vampires.

Issue 5

My angel, my protector. Rachael makes contact with the winged wolf.

Issue 6

Victor does something he shouldn't do. He breaks Alex's trust.

Issue 7

The gang travel to an abandoned town that has been burning over 50 years.

Issue 8

It's halloween at Williams' home in Salem. What kind of trouble will befall the gang?

Issue 9

Zombies, witches and ghosts, oh my. What will Tucker do to help his friends.

Issue 10

The full moon is out tonight. Rachael, Alex and Victor find themselves in a bind.


    A list of the characters you will see in the STARFIRE AGENCY comic!


    Alex Maddock is a freshmen at Gemini University. She moved from London, England to study the exciting world of the paranormal. She actually came from a log line of Vampire Hunters known as the Madoc Clan. Even though she herself isn't a hunter per se. She is only a hunter in the name of science.


    Denver is originally from Roswell, New Mexico. From the age of 10, he has been abducted a countless number of times by Aliens. He went on with his live and became fascinated with his abductors. Today he studies at GU and waits for the day when the aliens will take over the world. He is also a proud member of the Spacequest fan club.


    Tucker is a very serious and reserved guy. As a child hegrowing up in Salem, he already knows a lot about the history of witches and ghosts. He was raised in a haunted house and remembers playing with a little girl and her mother in the attic. There was also a malevolent apparition in the house.


    Rachael is a curious adventurer. Her first encounter with anything supernatural, was at the age of 7. When she helped a strange winged boy. She came to GU to study the existence of angels and Government Conspiracies. She doesn't believe the the little winged boy wa a biblical angel, but instead a government experiment.


    Gavin is the Student Advisor for the Starfire Agency. Didn't know he exist? Neither do many others. Gavin is a shut in and rarely comes out of his office. He specifically researches information on werewolves or "weres" as he calls them. He has a reason for his interest in weres. He's been trying to find a cure for his one lycanthropy.


    Roger enjoys his highly secretive job and surprisingly, he has kept his classified military status a secret from his sister. Rachael, for years. He knows how this part of the military works. You "spill the beans" and you disappear. Just like their father did. He has not forgot about that creature he saw with Rachael, from his childhood. He is in fact, looking for him as well.


    Sychar is a very mysterious creature in the series. Not too much is known about what he is or where he came from. Sychar is linked to Rachael and her family, thru her father. In fact, her father was the one that had released the winged wolf and put an end to the Blue Angel Project. It didn't take too long for the military to lean that Sgt Gibbons was responsible. That is when her father vanished.


    Luki has shown to be the same type of entity as Sychar. She has been his from time and time again. Luki proves to be a fun loving and compassionate person. She enjoys laughing and making friends with the beings on this planet. At the same time, she is saddened when she must see their futures. She is one that allows herself to feel great sorrow and fear for them.


    Lt. Ray is the man in charge on the Area 51 Property. Nothing gets by him. He is the individual partially responsible for the disappearance of Rachael and Roger's father. Rogar has a strong feeling that Lt. Ray knows where his father is. As he was also in charge of the Blue Angel Project. When the winged creature, Sychar, escaped. He was nearly dismissed from his ranks. That is until he proved that he was not the one at fault.


    Below the desert base of Area 51, the quirky Dr. Leon preforms experiments ranging from extraterrestrial autopsies to mind erasing. He's been underground in this lab for the last forty years and has no intention on leaving anytime soon. He is highly intelligent and wishes to understand everything in the universe. He was also one of the lead researches for the now termination Blue Angel Project.


    A Celarianne is a cloned version of an abducted earthing that has been taken the place of the original early body. The celarianne has no clue that they are anyone else but themselves. Inside a small section of the brain is an organic alien entity that studies and records data on the day to day lives of the bodies they inhabit. Denver and Shelly are both celariannes.


    This hybrid actually has a name. He is called Zaeg. The hybrid that visits Denver to make sure that Kaynar stays online. Hybrids were created by alien races to study and understand the less developed races of the cosmos. There are over a dozen successfully created mammalian/alien hybrids. The species used to hybrid with the aliens are canine and wolf.


    Shelly Blanco is the love of Denver's life. As teenagers, there were like peas in a pod, until they chose different careers and universities, that moved them miles apart. They are connected at the heart, but also by the stars above. Shelly wasn't too much of a believer until she and her cousin went out with Denver to search the stars. A three had been abducted and now believers.


    Victor is the German sour faced protector vampire in the Starfire Agency world. He lives to serve and protect both Michael and Tasha. A protector is a special sort of vampire that are only created by Runic Vampires. Their loyalties are only to their masters. But times have changed and Victor occupies himself with a mortal girl named Alex.


    Michael was a wanderer at his young age. During his travels, he ran into a vampire named Aurelia. She took him back to her coven and invited him to become a brother to them all. He became very found of his new family, until a group of vampire hunters, slaughtered them. In the present day, he has become an elder and oversees a portion of the vampire council.


    The petite Tasha is an extremely quiet vampire girl. She keeps her past to herself. It was a bad last and she doesn't like to be reminded of it. Michael turned her into a vampire, because her looks reminded him of Aurelia, It was a selfish move on his part. She was terrified of the change at first, but Michael helped her adjust. She grew to love him and became his companion.


    Christopher is Alex's grandfather. He once was a great vampire hunter in England. Though as time moved on, the vampire threat wasn't so great, so he wasn't needed as much. He wrote everything he knew about vampires in his personal journals. He married and had a daughter, leaving hunting behind. That is until after his daughter was grown and the passing of his dear wife.


    Christy Maddock, the daughter of Christopher and mother of Alexandria. Christy, like Alex, was a very strong willed woman. After her husband passed away, she moved back in with her father. That is when she learned about Timothy and her ancestors. Which all fascinated her. Christy made a choice to go on vampire hunts with Timothy and that is where she met her end. Leaving Alex in the care of her grandfather and Timothy was banished from ever returning.


    Timothy Madoc was born in the village of Yorkshire, England. He was taught to hunt and kill vampires, like the other members of the Madoc clan. He enjoyed his place in life, that was until tragedy struck his family. They were attacked by vampires and turned Timothy into a vampire as punishment. The rest of his life, he's had to live as a vampire, yet he still hunts vampires.


    Vampire hunters, readers, psychics or sensitives. Whatever the name, they al pretty much have the ability to sense things out of the ordinary. The Madoc' originated from Yorkshire. They lived and worked on a farm. Rarely involving themselves with the townsfolk. Reason being, because folks could tell they were different. Rumors about their family being otherworldly made people leery of them. Though the villagers were unaware that the Madoc family protected them from vampires.


    Runic Vampires are the most mystical of the vampire groups. They have the given ability to use magic and spells. They are very clan oriented, not living far from their blooded bonded brother and sisters. The close bond they have helps strengthen their magic. They are the only vampire type that can create a protector. Which is a vampire created with Runic blood, but not given the gift of magic. Most Runic today are divided, some choose to live among mortals, others stay within their clans.


    One of the more vicious vampire clans are the Radic. Before the vampire council set stern rules to the vampire world... Radic vampires were rarely seen traveling outside of their packs. They were once known for slaying villages without care. Stealing and claiming land and mortals as their own. They are driven by their emotions. They feel anger, fear, hate and sorrow very deeply. Which can cause them to snap easily into a vampire blood lust.


    Natural vampires are one of the three original clans. These type of vampires are usually peaceful. They would prefer to reside in the wilderness with nature. Their eye color are in shades of green and they have a unique ability to talk to animals. Today Naturals have adapted well to living like mortals. Enjoying life in a harmony with mortals and other vampire clans. They live in the cities and suburbs and often have a pet or kindred animal by their side.


    The presence of those passed still cast shadows upon the living. Tucker's experiences of growing up in a home that is haunted gave him hs interest in the paranormal. From the time of the witch trails Salem is famous for, the spirit of Martha Tillcott has watched over Tucker since he was in the crib. A gentle spirit in nature, she is unlike the other "Who never was." Is never got a form, it just became this hole, this nothing that hurts at seeing with it could have been.


    Weres aka werewolves are individuals that have been bitten by another werewolf. The term "weres" was given by a past Starfire Agency individual named Gavin. These mythical creatures are known in stories all over the world, but they really aren't commonly seen. So proof that they exist is pretty much nonexistent. The reason why is because the individuals infected with lycanthropy know if they were discovered, they would be hunted down.They take extra care in making sure they aren't found out.