• Furries, humans, feral, dragons, monsters, digi-grade feral, aliens and other species. • Blood and violence to a point.


• Characters not copyrighted to the commissioner without their owner’s consent. • As of January 2019, I will no longer be drawing commissions that involve my personal characters from Nightshift, Hellkats, Starfire Agency with other persons characters.


• I accept paypal through poecatcomix[at]gmail.com. I also accept money orders, Western Union or well concealed American currency. • FULL Payment must be provided before I begin work on your commission. • If your commission is canceled for whatever reason, you will receive a refund based on rules in the CANCELING section below. • A REFUND WILL NOT BE GIVEN IF THE ARTWORK IS COMPLETE.


• I reserve the right to cancel your commission at any time. If I decide to cancel your commission, you will receive a full refund. • If you decide to cancel your commission, you will only receive a full refund if it has yet to be started. Otherwise, you will receive a refund, minus the cost of the work that has already been done.


• You MAY repost your commission as long as proper credit is given. • You MAY NOT commission characters you do not own without the original owner’s consent. • You MAY NOT create copies, prints, or other merchandise with the intent to sell or for profit.


• I own all copyrights of the commission. I also reserve the right to copy, reproduce, and reuse the image for self-promotion and sales. • Currently it takes one month to eight weeks from start to finish. I will do my best to finish sketches at least one week after payment is received. • I also have the right to turn down any subject matter or commission without a reason. My reason and choice is my own and it is not up for debate.


• I will ask if you’d like changes during each step of the commission (sketch and colors) until it is finished. • I will do no more than 2 changes on the sketch… 1 change on the colors… • No changes at all to the inks after they are complete.


• DO NOT try to get me to lower my prices. If you hassle me or haggle me or complain that the price is to high, then move along. I will not lower my prices. • DO NOT expect me to be your best buddy after a commission. I do not have a problem with speaking to my commissioners…I enjoy email and talking. But please do not ask for my IM or phone number. • DO NOT ask me daily for updates on your commission. If a couple weeks to a month passes, then please do feel free to email, note and ask. :3 • PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE.